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                               Consulting for TV, Film & Stage

Tony Clark is one of Hollywood’s premier magic consultants. He will use his more than 30 years of experience in front and behind the scenes to create magic & illusions to make your project come to life. He also prepares actors for movies and TV rolls involving magic.

For a free phone, consultation call: Tony directly at 818•422•8708 serious inquiries only.


Tony has consulted on TV Pilots with the Academy Award-winning producer of “The Illusionist”- Tom Nunan and actor Steve Valentine (Crossing Jordan). Recently Tony created magic segments and coached Nicholas Cage for his film “Next” and John Malkovich for his film “The Great Buck Howard”. Tony has also worked on many hit TV shows like “House MD”, “Monk” and “Brothers and Sisters.”

For the past twenty years, Tony has literally travelled the world performing, producing and creating for live stage shows, TV, Film & Videos. Recently, Tony directed a Magic Revue show called “Direct From Broadway – The Magic of Joseph Gabriel” at the Monte Bleu Casino Resort in Lake Tahoe, NV as well as directing 8 of his own hit shows in the last 6 years.

Today Tony utilizes his thirty-year gathering storm of experience and time tested expertise to create and teach illusions and magic to all levels of enthusiasts.

                                   Private Lessons
Tony teaches professional magicians, actors and magic aficionados alike. Each lesson is customized to your specific ambitions and needs. Please call for Tony’s availability and pricing.  


Recent Consulting Clips


Brett Dier


Tony you were awesome!Thanks for working with me to make me look good!

Schooled - ABC TV



Ted Danson

When I saw Magic in the script I was concerned. Thankfully your expertise and patience made it so easy for me! Thank you so much.

The Good Place


Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 1.42.14 PM.png

Gordon Ramsay

Thanks guys, for some pretty cool Magic for Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch!

Matilda and The Ramsay Bunch -


Cedric&Me 2.jpg

Cedric The Entertainer

"Tony thanks for not only creating some great magic but also performing it on my show! You're a  tricky bastard!"               

Cedric The Entertainer

The Soul Man -TV Land


John Malkovich

      “Tony thank you for making it so  easy.” - The Great Buck Howard, Feature

Michael Clarke Duncan

Michael Clarke Duncan

"Thanks for helping me pull off some fun tricks!"  The Finder


Tony Shalhoub

Tony Shalhoub

"Bravo Tony, for making a show with a lot of Magic come off without a hitch!"

 -Monk, USA TV


Julie Ann Robinson - Director

Sam Huntington - Actor

Tony, it was so great working with you! You were such a wonderful partner!"  Julie Ann Robinson, Director

"Tony you were awesome to work with! Thanks for all your help!"    Sam Huntington, Actor


Criss Angel

"Besides being a multi-talented he's a wonderful trust worthy friend who has been a great sounding board"     Criss Angel "Believe" Magic series -  Spike TV


Peter & Llyod

Tony was the source of everything we did. We basically put our lives in Tony's hands and he made it a very successful shoot. Thank you Tony!" - Peter & Lloyd, Producers/Stars - Epic Rap Battles of History


Don Diamont

"Tony, you were an fantastic teacher! Thank you for your patience"  - Don Diamont, Actor, The Bold & The Beautiful


James Corden

"Tony you were fantastic!" 

-James Corden

"Tony you were amazing! Thanks for doing such a wonderful job tonight. The visual bits you put together for us were absolutely perfect."       

      Lauren Willems - Producer,

The Late Show with James Corden


Brian Muray

"Tony thank you so much for being my Magic mentor. Your patience and creativity really helped me tremendously! If I ever have to do Magic for any other project, you're the first person I will call"            Brian Muray, 'Sullivan & Son" - TBS TV


Lucas Neff

"Tony, thank you so much for figuring everything out and making it look great!"  

Lucas Neff, Actor - Raising Hope 



Tom Nunan

 Fortunately, when we sought Tony's help for the various "illusion-oriented" projects in our film and television departments, we didn't have to be experts in Magic to know Tony was providing top tier advice and concrete solutions to the creative problems we hired him to solve. Tony's ability to construct illusions and acts that provide a genuine "Wow!" facor for the audience, while also being truly affordable, is what sets him apart from most outside contractors, particularly in the field of Magic. We would hire him again in an instant.

Tom Nunan - Exec Producer The Illusionist


Lesli Linka Glatter

"Tony you are completely awesome, it was such a pleasure to work with you. We got amazing footage and I can't wait to see the scene cut together and we couldn't have done it without you. And I do hope that we can work together again soon." - Director, House FOX


Sean McGinly

"If anyone has worked in the film business they know the value of someone that delivers what they promise. Tony is one of those individuals. He not only created some very impressive magic for my film but was vital in teaching and coaching John Malkovich. The shoot went smoothly thanks to Tony's expertise. I would definitely recommend him  to anyone who needs a magic consultant."     Director - The Great Buck Howard

Steve Valentine

Steve Valentine

"When I started to write my new show 'Mr Magic' I had only one person in mind to design and help create the magic and magical look of the series. That person was Tony Clark. Having seen his work for years on and off stage as a performer and creator of magic, I had made the decision years ago that if i ever needed a magic consultant and creator for anything magic related that I was doing I would call on Tony. Well now I am and I did!!"

Actor / Producer


Ted Lange

"1st Family" on BET TV with magician Tony Clark. "Tony thank you so much for all your help making our magic segments work smoothly. You saved us a lot of time!"  Director -1st Family



Mike Rubin

"Tony is a true creative genius, he made producing an unique illusion seamless for our new TV production Hide & Seek."    - Mike Rubin, Producer


Peter Scalettar

"Tony, it was great working with you on the Bachelorrette. Thanks for coming in and delivering a great performance for our Magic Castle Segment. It was a big success. You are a true professional! I look forward to working with you again in the future."Thanks!",

Pete Scalettar - Producer, The Bachelorette      


Kevin Healey

"Tony, you were amazing. Your assistance on the project was invaluable. Your magical skill and your ability to keep the audience happy and involved made all the difference in the world. Look forward to working with you again real soon!"       

Kevin Healey, Exec Producer - No Talent Showcase - Nickelodeon


Tony helped create and build several prototype Illusions and Special Effects for the Aladdin production

on Broadway.

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