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Presto Ring Flight

Presto Ring Flight
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Price: $30.00 $15.00
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Model: Presto Ring Flight
Manufacturer: Tony Clark Productions
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Original Price was: $30


A spectator's ring vanishes and magically appears attached to a key chain that was being held tight by a spectator!

*The Uniqueness of Tony Clark's Presto Ring Flight

#1 - Uses no reels and looks like an actual key chain that most people use.

#2 - The magic happens in the hands of the spectator!

#3 - Come with step by step instructions with photos to make it easy to learn in a short time.

#4 - A great trick at a great price!

***Plus A FREE Bonus Effect!

A card is selected and shuffled back into the deck. The magician has the spectator cup their hands around the key chain. He tells the spectator that just like their ring, their selected card will magically be on the key chain. Magician snaps his fingers and tells the spectator to open their hands and see if it happened. When the spectator opens their hands, they don't see their card on the key chain. Finally the magician instructs them to look under the metal flap and they are amazed to see a mini playing card that matches their selection!

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