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Pro Close Up Pad

Pro Close Up Pad
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Price: $185.00
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Model: Pro Pad
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Tony Clark's Pro-Pad

I make each of these wood core close-up pads by hand when time allows so they are relatively rare and there are no two exactly alike. I use the best materials available to ensure the highest quality possible. I sign and number each one.

The Pro-Pad Special Features:

14"x 20"

• The top surface is made from a non-nap soft fabric. This way there are no revealing streaks when coins or cards are moved across the surface of the pad.

•This Pro-Pad makes card and coin work a dream. Coins are easily picked up openly or secretly and glide with ease across the surface thanks to the Pro-Pad Design.

•The bottom of the pad is made from a heavy black suede finish velvet material.

•Comes complete with a non tear fabric caring case to protect the Pro-Pad.

•Also comes with a certificate of Authenticity with matching numbers and signature.

Available in: Red, Hunter Green, Blue & Black  (Please select the proper color)


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Pro Close Up Pad
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