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Knot Unexpected 2.0

Knot Unexpected 2.0
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Model: Knot Unexpected 2.0
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Tony Clark
Jim Steinmeyer's
Knot Unexpected 2.0

Performed on TV by the Legendary Doug Henning!

*This new version is the only Knot Unexpected authorized by Jim Steinmeyer on the market today!

Knot Unexpected 2.0  is really quite easy to do. The special props Tony Clark designed do just about all of the work for you!
-Tony Clark's newly designed gimmicked scissors
-10 Ft of Heavy cotton rope
-Special rope loop gimmick
-Instructional DVD with detailed instructions
-Certificate of Authenticity signed and number by Jim Steinmeyer and Tony Clark

Two spectators are asked to examine a 10 foot length of rope. They then hold the rope, one spectator at each end. A spot is selected somewhere near the center of the rope. The slack is taken up, and the rope is openly cut a pair of scissors.
The cut ends are tied together in a solid knot.
The knot is then slid along the length of the rope!
Sliding the knot near one end of the rope, you untie the knot, leaving the spectators holding two uneven lengths of rope! A killer effect!
Knot Unexpected 2.0  is really quite easy to do. The special props do just about all of the work for you!
*Click on the Video link to see Tony Clark performing it at the World Famous Magic Castle.

History on the evolution of this wonderful routine:

After Doug Henning had stopped performing the Curry version of moving knot in his tour I suggested a new routine and method for the effect. The goal was practicality. He used this in the 1984 tour, his "World of Magic" on Broadway, and subsequent shows, including television appearances.
    After that, "Knot Unexpected" was marketed by a dealer. Unfortunately, the marketed version left a bit to be desired in construction and instruction. Recently Tony Clark approached me with a new version of this effect using a pair of scissors instead the original large knife. I believe this is wonderful innovation to this effect. It's a very practical and powerful effect for all situations including younger audiences. Tony Clark has my permission and approval to manufacture Knot Unexpected 2.0 and sell it to the magic community.
Enjoy. - Jim Steinmeyer

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